Ashville – Main Map Changes

Version 2 – Overhead Map

Hello, My name is Naughty Moon. I have been working on Ashville for a little over a year now. I had created a short demo that tested all of my scripts that I had created from scratch in Unity. Over time, my old computer had began to crumble and had came to terms with not being able to run the programs I had wanted to run or play the games I had wanted to play in general. After saving up, I had purchased a new build and looked back on what I had created but not touched within the few months of hiatus where I left Ashville alone.

Above is the new map that I have been working on, I work on it bit by bit. I hope that I will be able to start this blog to renew my game development hobby and create a playable version within the next year.

Version 1 – Overhead Map | Krita vs Adobe Photoshop – Art Programs

I had created the first final version using Krita, but after paying for Adobe program per month. I had noticed the difference in being able to create finer lines and make my drafts pop out more. I have changed the map around a bit and plan to leave it more open. I will be able to add onto it in later versions if needed, but wish to focus on the main parts of the games. I will be able to introduce the characters that I have created and their backstories as I finish them in playable versions. The second version of the map still has remnants of the first version, I did not want to change everything, it was just that using photoshop showed me the differences in what I could possibly achieve. I hope that those that decide to read can follow me on my journey of game development. I have many adult games that I had played within the past few years that have given me courage, a lot have been lost as they have been discontinued by developers. If you are currently creating a game, I hope my blog will give you courage to complete it.

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